About the Marathon Brand

Marathon brand gasoline is available through approximately 5,500 retail outlets in 19 states in the Midwest and Southeast. In addition to quality gasoline and diesel, these retail outlets offer a wide range of services including convenience store products, car washes and co-branded food products. As a fuel supplier, the company provides support to Marathon dealer locations with their products, advertising, marketing programs and services and also manages Marathon credit cards.



Marathon Retail Dealer Perks

Pricing: Very competitive terminal rack pricing.

Supply: Marathon owns the only refinery and most of the supply terminals in Michigan giving it the best supply network in the state. This network of supply points provides greater convenience and fuel availability to its customers.

Image: Affordable and flexible image standards.

Responsive Customer Service: Marathon believes in the value of face-to-face interaction.Their knowledgeable and friendly staff stands ready to serve and assist their customers in supporting and growing the Marathon brand.

Advertising: Marathon has one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in Michigan. From seasonal promotions and point-of-sale, Marathon advertising supports the brand in a variety of ways. Marathon also provides customers with the funds to participate in advertising in their local community.