Branding Opportunities with McPherson Oil Company

Branding your retail gas station can bring your business instant recognition and trust in the eyes of your potential customers. It also enables you to take advantage of nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns: something that would be financially difficult as an independent convenience store owner.

McPherson Oil Company owns, operates, and supplies gas stations in Southeastern Michigan under the Exxon, Mobil and Marathon brands. We built our reputation in the industry based on fairness and integrity and we are truly thankful for the many wonderful customers for which we serve. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and our experienced and knowledgeable staff stands ready to serve your branded supply needs.

We offer best in class fuel rebates and cash incentives to help grow your business. If you are interested in exploring supply options for the Exxon, Mobil, or Marathon brands, then we want to meet with you. To schedule a meeting to discuss branding and supply options, contact Kevin Jamieson, our Vice President of Fuels Marketing at 517-546-4600. Let us help you harness the power of established gas station brands!

Check out the excellent perks offered by the Exxon, Mobil and Marathon brands.